Grace Baptist Church is evangelical, Baptist and Reformed in belief and practice. We hold to the 1689 London Confession of Faith as our doctrinal statement. We believe certain perspectives are especially important.

The Worship of God is Primary

Why do churches exist? The Christian church exists to worship God first of all. (1) Every other activity must be secondary. Only when we place primary emphasis on God rather than ourselves, our rights or our needs, do we please Him and fulfill His design. And remarkably, when we worship God rather than seek our own satisfaction, we are fulfilled and happy.

At Grace Baptist Church of Canton, we seek to worship God in an atmosphere of reverence and joyous solemnity. We do this because the living God into whose presence we come is "majestic in holiness and awesome in praises." (2)

The Word of God is Relevant

The Bible is not a book of myths nor can it be ignored as a relic of history. The Bible is the Word of God relevant to all of life. (3) It is the only book which answers life's ultimate and most deeply perplexing questions. It provides the framework to understand our world including all areas of thought and culture. It teaches us how to live in our families, in our careers, and in our leisure time. (4) The Bible provides the pattern for our churches. (5) It speaks with divine 'authority to man in every dimension and sphere of life.

The Salvation of God is Central

The central message of the scriptures is its witness to the salvation of hell-deserving sinners through the person and work of Jesus Christ. (6)

We believe and preach that Jesus Christ is the unique God-Man, (7) and by His life of perfect obedience and the substitutionary sacrifice of Himself unto death as sovereignly applied by the Holy Spirit, (8) Christ saves the lost and guilty sinner. (9)

We also affirm with equal conviction that this salvation was planned from all eternity (10) and men come into possession of the forgiveness of sins and the gift of eternal life when God the Father powerfully calls them by His grace, (11) enabling the sinner to repent of his sin and to trust only in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. (12)

Personal Morality is Necessary

"Without holiness no man shall see the Lord." (13) Scripture assures us that putting off habits that are sinful and putting on a Christ-like lifestyle and disposition are not optional. We cannot claim Christ with our lips while we deny Him with our lives. We cannot delight in God's wonderful promises if we refuse to obey His holy commandments. (14) All Christians must demonstrate the reality of what they claim to be by lives of sincere, constant, though imperfect, godliness. (15) The standard of this godliness is God's unchanging moral law as summarized in the Ten Commandments (16) and exemplified in the perfect life of Jesus Christ. (17)

The power for such a life of godliness comes from the indwelling Holy Spirit. (18)

The Church is Vital

In an age when many other organizations are replacing the local church to perform religious or social functions, we hold that the church which Jesus Christ established is essential and indispensable. (19) The church is God’s means to accomplish God’s ends. Through the church, God’s truth is preserved and proclaimed. (20) This proclamation is primarily through preaching, by faithful men, (21) and for the purpose of saving sinners and strengthening Christians. (22)

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