December 2, 2020

December 2, 2020

Author: Pastor Gordon Cook
December 02, 2020


Now I watched when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the living creatures saying as with a voice like thunder, “Come.” I looked, and behold, a white horse, and He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to Him, and He went out conquering and to conquer.

 Revelation 6:1, 2


The book of Revelation is typically not a ‘go to’ book for most Christians to comfort us in a time of trial and persecution. John, who wrote Revelation, was exiled to Patmos so he knows real persecution. What this book is about is told in Revelation 1:1, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” Revelation is the Greek word apocalypse, the unveiling or uncovering of Christ. It is about Jesus, it reveals His person and His kingly reign. It focuses upon the here and now; a futuristic aspect, the church age up until the end of time. Its main purpose is to comfort Christians in hard times, tough times.

I would say the main theme of the book is Jesus wins. Don’t worry, Jesus is going to triumph over sin, the devil and the world. It’s about the victory of the Lamb.

We see a lot of symbolism, lots of pictures. Some pictures of Christ: coming on clouds, walking among the lampstands, sitting on the throne, and here He is riding on a horse, (also 19:11). Eyes like fire, making war, faithful, pure in righteousness.

Notice the color white. In the Bible the color white points to holiness, righteousness and purity. Jesus has white hair in Rev. 1:1, He is on a white horse in Rev. 19 and 6. In Rev 6 there are two symbols: the bow and the crown. The crown tells us He reigns and rules and right now He is conquering, the reason for the bow. White horses were typically not used in wartime because that would have made an easy target for the enemy. But here is Jesus on a white horse, our Lord Redeemer, sure of victory and glorious triumph. You can go right back to the cross, to the empty tomb where Jesus conquered by His resurrection. He conquered sin, the devil, and death. He is also conquering right now by His word, His spirit and His gospel. He is riding his horse right now. Anytime someone gets saved, think of the white horse; whenever a church grows and expands; when the kingdom of God is manifested. Jesus told us to pray, “Thy kingdom come.” When you and I come under the sanctified power of the Holy Spirit, think of the white horse. Jesus is conquering, Thy kingdom will come, it is certain.

It is easy for us to get discouraged. When you turn on the news and hear about what is happening in the world, in this country, seeing global terrorism; sometimes it looks like the devil is winning the war. We have to remember, if we live by faith, go to Jesus on the white horse. Don’t forget the crown and the bow. The warrior king has conquered the devil, sin and death by His cross and empty tomb. He has conquered, and He is conquering now and there will be a final complete conquering by Jesus when He comes back again. It is good to remind ourselves every time the gospel is preached and people are saved to think of Jesus riding the white horse with His crown and bow conquering His enemies. That should encourage us to pray, to evangelize, and witness to neighbors.